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Cord & Eyelet

The cord & eyelet fixing is designed to work with protective PVC pockets which you simply slide your menu inserts into. The cord is used to hold the pockets in

Internal Cord

The internal cord fixing is similar to the cord and eyelet, but is designed to hold folded paper only. For instance, if you were fitting inserts in to a 1/2 A4 cover, you would need to fold an A4 piece of paper or card in half and slide it underneath to cord to display. A very easy to use and unobtrusive design.

External Screw

The external screw fix is visible from the outside of the cover. Screws are threaded right through the menu cover and hole punched paper to hold the entire menu display together for a strong fixing. You can thread the screws by hand, there is no need for a screwdriver.

Internal Screw

The internal screw fix is similar to the external screw, except it is not visible from the outside. Flaps come from the inside spine for you to thread screws through and clamp the hole punched paper in between.

Parallel Bars

Similar to corner mounts, the parallel bar system uses two pockets that run across the top and bottom to allow you to slide the paper underneath each for a secure fixing.

Magnet Fix

The magnet fix is exactly as it sounds, grip the paper between two magnets which are discretely hidden within the material of the menu. This is one of the easiest to use fixing options.

Corner Mounts

Corner mounts are designed as pockets in each corner which allow you to slide the corners of your inserts underneath for an elegant display. This is particularly effective on fabric menu boards.

Grip Fix

The grip fix is a similar method to a plastic binder which you can simply hold the grip open whilst placing the paper in between and then let go. The grip will snap in to place, holding the paper securely.

US Frames

A US frame is two pieces of clear plastic that are bound together with a fabric material around the perimeter. With one opening, simply slide your insert between the two plastic pieces for a protective fixing. These pockets can be fastened in to the menu cover.

Picture Frames

Similar to US frames, simply slide your paper in to the picture frames and behind the clear acetate. The border of the picture frame will slightly cover your insert, framing it nicely.

Booklet Holder

The booklet holder is designed to do exactly that - hold booklets. A vertical pocket is placed on each side of the menu cover for you to slide the outer sleeves of your booklet in to.


The concertina fixing is a permanent fixing  which folds the menu insert just like a concertina. On each side is a board made from your chosen material, and each board is connected by your menu insert with a concertina style fold.

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